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Dancing Shiva Nataraj Statues in Bronze

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Antique Finish Nataraja
Beautiful Dancing Shiva Nataraj Statues in Traditional Indian Lost Wax Style.  Dancing Natraj, a depiction of the Dancing Shiva, is a well-renowned piece of art. Lord Shiva is the Indian deity for dance and is described as Lord Nataraja. (Nata-dance and raja-the king). The figure of Nataraja presenting the visual concept of Lord Shiva’s dance represents the faith that human life emanates from and consists of the five prime elements like fire, water, space, wind and earth. Nataraja holds Agni (fire) in his left hand, Ganga (water) in his tresses, Moon (akash) on his head, Damaru (wind) instrument in his right hand and his right foot resting on the Earth.  This statue is beautiful depiction of Shiva dancing in the circle of Fire representing rebirth of life & the soul.  Rates below are retail prices specified for statue height in inches.
4": US$35, 6": US$62, 8": US$95, 14": US$299, 24": US$499, 28": US$699, 36": US$1199, 42": US$1799, 55": US$2699, 60": US$3399, 72": US$5599 (Other sizes available too)

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