The Last Supper – Jesus Christ and Twelve Apostles – Pietra Dura Marble Rendition Wall Plaque

We proudly present the following rendition of The Last Supper size 4.5ft by 4ft (123cm by 107cm).

This is a reproduction of The Last Supper in pietre dure – finished by the Grand Ducal workshops in 1705 to the design of the painter Lodovido Cigoli, and then inserted into the eighteenth century altar of the Cappella Palatina, Florence, Palazzo Pitti.   Reference – Pietre Dure: The Art of Semiprecious Stonework By Annamaria Giusti pp72/73 (illustration) – ISBN 978-0-89236-849-5 (reference image attached from the book)

Only 100% pure and natural Semiprecious stones are used to inlay the marble with the designs.  The stones used for this piece are among Agate, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Sodalite, Tiger’s Eye, White Marble, Yellow Jasper, Red Jasper, Onyx varieties etc.  The stonework is mounted on an aluminum sheet to ensure lower weight and ease of installation on a wall.

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