Ebonized Wood Patina Pietra Dura Victorian Wooden Cabinet (Chest of Drawers)


We proudly present an antique style wooden cabinet with amazingly detailed pietra dura plaques.  This cabinet is inspired by the Badminton Cabinet which is one of the most amazing pieces of furniture ever designed.  This lovely chest of drawers is studded with pietra dura plaques inspired by the one and only Badminton Cabinet.

Golden borders adore the plaques with the ebonized wood patina.

You will not find another piece with this level of detail and artwork.

The craftsmanship is painstaking and each pattern, each flower comprises of multiple semiprecious stones which have been judiciously cut and polished to fabricate the design.

Visit eBay in order to purchase: http://www.ebay.com/itm/111708518001

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