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Ebonized Wood Patina Pietra Dura Victorian Wooden Cabinet (Chest of Drawers)

We proudly present an antique style wooden cabinet with amazingly detailed pietra dura plaques.  This cabinet is inspired by the Badminton Cabinet which is one of the most amazing pieces of furniture ever designed.  This lovely chest of drawers is studded with pietra dura plaques inspired by the one and only Badminton Cabinet. Golden borders adore the plaques with the… Read more »

Pietra Dura Plaque Reproductions of the “Badminton Cabinet”

The Badminton Cabinet is considered to be the marquee, top of the range architectural piece of furniture.  Auctioned for nearly $37 million, it is widely believed to be the most expensive piece of furniture ever sold. The Badminton Cabinet happens to be covered in painterly scenes rendered with amazing finesse in chunks of colored stone.  We are proud to have… Read more »

The Last Supper – Jesus Christ and Twelve Apostles – Pietra Dura Marble Rendition Wall Plaque

We proudly present the following rendition of The Last Supper size 4.5ft by 4ft (123cm by 107cm). This is a reproduction of The Last Supper in pietre dure – finished by the Grand Ducal workshops in 1705 to the design of the painter Lodovido Cigoli, and then inserted into the eighteenth century altar of the Cappella Palatina, Florence, Palazzo Pitti…. Read more »