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Kashmir Handicrafts

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Located in Agra, the city of the Taj Mahal, Kashmir Handicrafts has been providing high quality Indian Handicrafts to our patrons across the globe since 1965. We are well-known and respected for top quality handicrafts and statues among lovers of Indian arts and crafts all over the world.  Many of our items are displayed in Art Galleries and Interior Decor shops all across USA, Canada and Europe. We entertain custom orders for special needs. We take a lot of pride in the painstaking and detailed craftsmanship we specialize in and the quality of our designs.

Home and Garden Decoration: Whether you are decorating your house, jazzing up your garden with an art form, an Architect looking for Inlay Handicrafts, or an Arts and Handicrafts Collector, we are sure we have something that is of interest to you. We guarantee that you can create a unique and beautiful decorative look to your home and garden and it will stand out for its beauty and grace.

We offer the following items as manufacturers and exporters:
Stone - Indian Marble, Alabaster and Soapstone:
Taj Mahal Replicas, Marble inlay Table Tops (Pietre Dura), Alabaster Lamps, Pietra Dura boxes, Stylish LifeSize Statues, Animal figures, Jewel cases, Ashtrays and Coasters and a wide variety of other handicrafts
Brass and Bronze:
Statues of Animal figures, Hindu Gods, Ganesha, Buddha, Parvati, Tara, Maya in varying sizes ranging from miniatures to larger than lifesize, Dancing Shiva Natraja (Nataraj) Lifesize Statues.

You can download a catalog in Acrobat format for offline viewing here (right click and choose Save As)
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 We have full in-house manufacturing capabilities to meet all your art requirements.  Many of our craftsmen in our Marble Inlay Crafts Division inherit the skills of their forefathers who were employed in the creation of the Taj Mahal, the monument of love. All our products are handcrafted with utmost care in order to ensure top quality!

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